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we specialize in helping local businesses In Orange County dominate the front page of google

Local SEO that works...GUARANTEED!

 It’s really simple, they will either find you or your competitors. We are so sure our online proprietary marketing program for Orange County businesses will work for you that we guarantee it! We only work for one company in a geographical area so you will get our undivided attention.

completely done-for-you SEO and online marketing

Let’s face it having a great website is good but if you’re not getting leads and business from it what good is it. It basically is nothing but an online business card. How much business have you gotten from your business card? You need a lead generating machine website. Don’t be fooled by traditional SEO companies that charge a flat rate for any type of business, you will be disappointed and be out several thousand dollars before you figure out it’s not working for you. There is no cookie cutter Local SEO..period. Our principles have over 50 years of marketing experience for small businesses. We promise nobody will no YOUR business better than us (except maybe you).

The Biggest Mistake Business Owners Make Is Neglecting Their Online Presence

Our "Carpet Bombing" marketing program is a proven, proprietary process that goes way beyond traditional SEO. While we won't divulge everything about our "Carpet Bombing" marketing here are a few things our service provides.

  • Generate targeted online traffic to your website for your business. If you don't have a lead generating, niche driven website, you most likely need one. This type of website allows you to be laser focused in the types of clients you are looking to attract and the type of traffic and leads you generate online. It also allows us to position you as the expert in a local niche or industry. Unfortunately you most likely have been talked into a "beautiful" "professional" website, but honestly it probably won't convert. we can build you lead conversion website but it's a seperate service we provide.
  • Online targeted SEO traffic via proprietary keyword research and software. Keyword research is critical to your success. We ensure that we target the right keywords for your small business that will not only get you a ton more traffic, but the right kinds of traffic to generate more qualified leads online that you can convert to paying clients.
  • Content and informational marketing for your small business. Part of the "Carpet Bomb" Service includes online marketing activities in the form of sales related content and video to showcase your services, knowledge, and expertise in your niche or industry. This is critical the old saying in marketing is CONTENT IS KING.
  • The SECRET SAUCE! I'm not going to say much about this but it involves a proprietary technique that no other SEO company knows, that's why we can't disclose but it will catapult your rankings quickly, in some cases almost instantly!

We want you to lockout your competition so we only work with one company in your niche per geographical area.

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