About Marketing Expert John Bennett

  • Lifelong Entreprenuer Started 15 companies over the last 40 years
  • Cerified SEO consultant
  • Masterminds with Top SEO marketers worldwide -the strategies he employs are not even known by traditional SEO's
  • Consistantly dominates page one of Google for clients
  • National Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Nationally recognized direct response mail expert
  • Master copywriter

Over the last 40 years I have started over 15 companies ranging from manufacturing to real estate estate and mortgages.The last 10 years I devoted myself to my real estate business and mortgage company and started learning about internet marketing and through a trial and error method I was able to increase our business over 100% each year after year. Even though I am old enough to retire I’m just not the retiring type. In 2012 I started doing SEO, search engine optimization, and marketing for other clients and the tactics I learned worked for those companies too, in fact in a matter of 90 days, sometimes sooner, I could confidently increase a company’s sales 35% or more. Now I must be honest with you, I can’t do that for every local business but if we sit down and talk and see if we’re right for each other I can give you a guarantee that we will get ranked on the first of Google and in the Google my business “snack pack”.

page of the search engines. Our motto is “IF YOU DON’T RANK YOU DON’T PAY”. No other company will do that and we are so confident that we can get you ranked and increase your business that we GUARANTEE it. We are so confident that we don’t have contracts, you can fire us anytime. We don’t want to work with a company unless you get the benefit. Call me personally 888-866-3500 LET’S TALK.

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