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Nowadays, many search results have a large box of local results right at the top. Consequently, these local results have taken on huge importance to businesses attempting to grow through internet marketing. Getting the top results in these searches requires methods beyond those used by most SEO firms; if you want those top results, you need an SEO firm that has that expertise.

Local Search SEO has exactly that expertise. We specialize in local search results, and we can get you to the top of the results – and find the keywords which will maximize the relevant traffic to your site. When it comes to local search results, we can provide the results you’re looking for, and we also offer traditional SEO packages for internet-based businesses. Either way, we offer unsurpassed results that won’t break the bank.

Below, you’ll find three packages we offer to cater to the needs of a variety of businesses, but we can offer packages for businesses of any size. If you’d like more information on these, or you need help picking the right package for your business, just contact us and we’ll help you find the right solution.

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6 SEO Reports
  • $150
  • 6 PDF Reports
  • DIY SEO Plan
Local SEO
  • $850 / month
  • Local Businesses
  • SEO + Google Places

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  • Advertise vs Optimize

    You can broadcast and hope people are interested, or you can make sure that interested people know where to find you with optimization.

  • Focus On Your Business

    You’ve got more important things to worry about. Leave the nuts and bolts to us.

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    Optimization draws the people looking for what you’ve got; engage SEO and watch your conversion rate climb!

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Client Testimonials

A Great Investment

" Trying to bring in new business during a recession wasn't easy. However, with the help of Local Search SEO, I was able to get top rankings with Google, and since then, we've already gotten 2 new clients through our site. Fantastic work! "

Gary A., Property Manager

Best Around!

" Local Search SEO has really helped my computer repair business take off! We've had to hire several new techs just to keep up with all the business coming in as a result. Before we hired Local Search SEO, we were doing decently, but our search traffic has exploded since then. This much traffic would have been worth it at twice the price! "

Jacob L., Entrepeneur

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